For countless centuries the forces of the damned have fought to topple the Gates of Heaven, to take what they have deemed is rightfully theirs. Legions of Angelic Warriors have stood sentry to safeguard mankind’s promised salvation, while still taking the light of the Lord to the farthest reaches of His creation. One soul ravaged by vile hatred and seething with venom plots to and plots to topple the throne of Heaven and reign over creation for all eternity. The Morning Star, the most beloved being in all cosmos “before mankind’s inception”, has rotted from within since the dawn of the known universe. His pursuit knows no boundaries, no horror too retched to be considered. Legions of Fallen Angels march under his banner bolstered by the soul sent to rot in the depths of hell for all eternity. As Heaven’s Armies shrink, the numbers of the damned continue to thrive. Mankind has been summoned throughout history to stand and stem the tide of evil. 144,000 Saints bear the burden for all of humanity. Now at the threshold of the final battle between the forces of light and dark, only God knows if the summoning of the Thirteenth Legion will be enough to vanquish the advancing torrent of evil that is set to devour the Gates of Heaven.