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Who is the Author?

So here is a bit about me. I am a United States Army Vet, a stay at home father, an Active Duty Army spouse and I am always struggling to be a better Author. As the creator of the Thirteenth Legion Series I enjoy taking readers on an adventure, which spans the globe. With it being set in today’s environment; it allows me to craft an unapologetic look into the lives of ordinary people asked to do extraordinary things. Blending the genres of paranormal suspense, classic thriller, horror and military fiction, the reader gets to see a world where the things that go bump in the night are all to real, and deadly.

What is the series about?

At its most basic level, the series is about mankind standing in the gap as the final war descends upon us all. Each of us regardless of what we believe makes choices, which affect the rest of our lives. For the characters we see in the series their choices can also affect the rest of humanity as well. Their humble and ordinary beginnings allow readers to share in their struggle as each of the characters try to wrap their minds around the enormity the situation as their lives change.

Why write such a series?

The base story construct, is not something that hasn’t been tried in the past. So few things are, however in this series I try to capture the humanistic struggle. This story line is something, which is all-encompassing a book for every reader in any point in his or her life.

There is a notable absence of pondering the eternal question by the characters that are surrounded by fast paced action and carnage which keeps pace with today’s cinematic flare. Yet as readers are spell bound with each page, traveling with the characters on their adventure, partaking in the sights, sounds and smells of each turn along the way. Or suffering with them as they are forced to make life altering decisions, some with cataclysmic implications. The reader can catch a glimpse into a window, which their own eternal questions can be pondered through the eyes of the characters.

So many of us feel our lives are beyond our control, yet life is about perspective. Our hero’s and heroines are shown that nightmares—the things that go bump in the night— are all too real.   And they along with a handful of angelic warriors are all that stands between humanities survival or total butchery at the clawed hands of things, which should not exist. These seemingly insurmountable odds propel them ever onward. Through these exploits I hope fans can become distracted from daily life long enough to see that the world around them is full of potential, and exhilaration.

Is there a time difference between each of the books?

The short answer is no. Crafted in such a way that each volume bleeds into the other. The Thirteenth Legion Series is a seamless collection enveloping the reader into an unending literary rollercoaster. Compendium books, which are already created—and soon to be released— branch off from the main series allowing for not only a wider understanding of the world the characters inhabit but also offering clues and Easter eggs for fans to cling to, as they try to decipher what may come to befall the characters later in the series.

So who will like this series?

With a versatility to draw in a multiple genera readership this body of work has the something for everyone. With strong Male and Female characters there is no gender specific market place for the series. It is strongly recommended for adults due to the language and violence. However understanding that each reader has a different level of comfort for situational experiences some older teens may enjoy it as well.

Final thoughts

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Authors Biography

Eric Gardner grew up in a military family and lived around the world at various military posts and towns. He followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the United States Army as an Infantry Officer. After his wartime service he dedicated his life to his family and newly arrived daughter. God’s Will is his first work in an upcoming series entitled the Thirteenth Legion.

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