Those who make the legion happen:

Putting something together as large and complex as this series has taken more than my humble talents are capable of. Along with my family and friends I have the help of some wonderful professionals who have helped me put the legion’s best foot forward.  Words cannot express my gratitude to them, but should you ever need their talents they come highly recommended!

Matthew Williams:

When Nietzsche said “if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you,” I can say I totally understand his meaning as it relates to me.  When you look into the darkness you need to have friends and family to keep you anchored in the light.  Mathew is an unparalleled song writer, performer, and a United States Retired Army Chaplin. To simply say he truly cares is not doing his compassion and capacity for empathy justice. If you enjoy the undercurrent messages in the Legion Series, you will love the music of Mathew Williams!

Meral Mathews:

The man who brought to life the characters in the audio books is Meral Mathews.  Meral is a true mimic, original voice and actor who is capable of ANY job: audio books, documentaries, the voice of women, men, children, angels, demons and everything in-between.

John Cabrejas:

An outstanding web designer and great friend, John has a wonderful ability to bring the written word to life in images.  He did all the work for the legion site and to say we are happy with the end result doesn’t capture how ecstatic we are with his work.  If you are looking to have a web site designed, or to have it modified so it can shine even brighter John is very HIGLY RECOMMENDED!!!